Stickers and photos

Stickers and photos

Next to your textfield you can choose between sending stickers or photos.

By pressing the ghost you will find our stickers. The camera will help you by sending photos to your friends.


You can choose between five different types of stickers, which you can send to your friends.

Please notice, that sickers only can send without any message!

In case that you will attach a sticker to your written message, both will be sendet seperately.


With our new dbna you can send pictures and photos to your friends in our chat.

There you can pick your photos out of three differents parts of your already uploaded photos:

  • By clicking the camera, you can choose pictures out of your public folder.
  • You also can send pictures out of one of your given albums.
  • Behind the lock you can choose pictures which are in your private and locked folder.

Gerneral informations about folders you will find here.