Profile Picture

Which requirements must be fullfiled for an profile picture?

In addition to the general requirements there are a few more additional points that need to be fullfiled:

  • The picture should not contain objectives (cars, landscapes, groups of people,...) only or those moving you into the background.
  • The picture should only show you, in case that the picture shows another person, they need to be alienated.
  • Your face must be clearly visible and should not be cutted to much.
  • You should not be visible only wearing underwear or similar clothes.
  • The picture should not be to much modified or blurred.

How can I determine a picture as my profile picture?

After your picture was categorized as a potential profile picture it will be visible in your photogallery. Just select the picture by cklicking on it and you see the icon for the selection on the left side below the picture:.

Special requirements for groups

Despite all those rules there is one more for the profile picture of groups:

  • Only the brandlogo is allowed as a profile picture