You should only upload pictures, if you are the righteous owner of these. Its not allowed to upload images you have downloaded from the interent.

The linking or incorporation of pictures and content, taken from externel websites without the permission of the owner, could cause legal consequences.

You are acting on your own responsibility! Infringements of copyright happen on your own responsibilty, dbna is not responsible!

Prohibited in general are:

  • Nude-Pictures, no matter from which angle they are taken.
  • Pictures, that show naked skin below the hips.
  • Pictures wearing swimming trunks/underpants with visible pubic hair or outlines of ur genitals.
  • Pictures that show you while having your hands in your (under-)pants or while stepping in the step.
  • Copyrighted pictures (i.e. celebrities, cartoons, pictures taken from other photographers/websites without their permission for publication, brandmarked pictures)
  • Pictures of other persons, being published without their permission. (If you upload a picture of another person please make sure u point that out in the commentsection below the picture.)
  • Pictures that show any type of body fluids like sperm or blood (also similar looking fluids).
  • Pictures that show any kind of sexual acts, no matter if real or immitated.
  • Pictures that contain erotical, sexual or ambigous contents.
  • Pictures that have been modified to hide any sexual actions.
  • Nude-Pictures even though the pubic area is covered with blankets or other objects.
  • Pictures that show transparent clothings or wet materials below the hips.
  • Pictures that show a visible erection or recognizable genitals under the clothes.
  • Pictures intentionaly focused on the pubic area.
  • Pictures that show any kind of sextoys.
  • Pictures that show the consumption or provision of ilegal drugs.
  • Pictures that show any kind of weapons.
  • Pictures that show obscene gestures or lewd behavior.
  • Pictures with an intention to advertise any kind of service, product, event, websites or apps.
  • Pictures that could insult other users.

It is possible, that once accepted and unlocked pictures could later be reviewed and classified different.