There you can change your private details.


For changing your username you have to press the pen on the right side.

Your username has to fulfill following conditions:

  • minimum lenght of 3 and maximum lenght of 20 symbols
  • you can use letters, numbers, hyphes ( - ), underlines ( _ ) and full-stops ( . )

Have you chosen a new username and the system showes you a green hook, you can save the username by pressing "OK"

You can change your username each 30 days!

Please notice, that sexual, fetish or offense usernames are not allowed. In that case your account could be blocked by our support system.

EMail adress

If you like to switch your mailadress, you would can lodge it by pressing the pen button.

For guaranteeing your new mailadress you have to confirm the modification by your password.

Date of birth

You have already chosen your date of birth by creating your profile.

If you like to adjust your date of birth truthfully, you will be allowed to modify it a single time!

In case, that you already became fake checked, your date of birth is no longer changeable.

Your date of birth could not modified several times. Please contact our support users via mail to if you are interested in changeing your date of birth a second time.


As often as you like to, you can modify your password at dbna. Press the pen in your account settings.

For switching your password you have to enter your old one first!

Your new password has to fulfill following properties:

  • minimum lenght of 8 signs
  • and mimimum one number has to be included

Special symbols are allowed as well.

Delete account

At the link "delete account" you have the possibility to clear your access and your private files on dbna. All files get lost and are not rebuildable! Your recieved mails at dbna get lost as well and are not readable in future.