General settings


In your general settings you can change your language between "English" or "Deutsch" - german .

By pressing the arrow you can choose your prefered language.


You can choose how you would like to get showed the distance between you and our other users.

By choosing metric distance, the excision wil be showed in Km / Cm. The other possibility is imperial discance by Miles / Inches.

Please find attached the symbol where you can switch the units:

My wall

On your profile you have the possibility to get a log where other users could leave compliments, regards or other creative messages.

If you are not interested in having a logbook, you would swith the blue spot to the left.

Afterwards your settings for your wall are turned off.

Park profile

You would temporarily deactivate your profile and your access? Switch the grey button to the right side (it will turn in blue) and your profile is out of service.

Is this setting active you can not open our forum and your profile is not available for other users!

Offline notificattions

If you are interested in getting mail messages by recieving new notifications, requests or chat messages you have to turn on your offline notifications.

By turning on or off the different settings you can choose weather you will get mail notifications.

Play sounds

You are online and you will get sounds by different events?

Change your settings if you would like to get informed with a sound by

  • new messages
  • new notifications
  • one of your friends went online

Deacitvate those buttons in case that you would not like to get an acustic sound of dbna.